Friday, July 26, 2013


TGIF!! I'm saying hellooooo from farrr farrr awayyy!!! no no I'm just kidding laa haha. anyway! this post I want to show you my photography with Glitter Dessert with super pretty Ce Nadya Joy!! we take it this photographs a loooonggg time ago but I have no time to retouch it hehehe sorry ce! finally! we take it at her home actually for those who thinks that this pics was taken at the studio! hehehehe :))))

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Friday, July 05, 2013


Went to Carina's photoshoot. we take it at the rooftop and this is my first time capturing her actually! it was fun because we are driven by a mall security guard and it was a little embarrassing hahahah. but we decided to move to another place! I want to take my outfit pics actually but I would go to school asap. by the way follow me on my instagram  !!

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